Our Dealers

Our dealers are very skilled at shuffling and dealing the decks but that is not why we have chosen them.

All of our dealers can expertly navigate their way around the flop, the turn and the river but more importantly they make for excellent hosts, ensuring your guests enjoy a complete Full House Poker Experience.

Many of our poker events combine first time players with experienced punters. Our dealers are skilled at assisting the newcomers to the game (particularly the ladies) encouraging them to make their plays, avoid obvious mistakes and ensure they feel confident to give it their all.

Experienced players will enjoy engaging with the dealers on the intricacies and nuances of the game while enjoying the sense of occasion a professional dealer brings to the experience.

As an integral part of the experience our dealers combine the art of the game and a classic styling with the deft touch of an experienced host, making guests feel instantly welcome and comfortable throughout the evening no matter how the cards fall.