Why Use Us

Poker Experiences can be used as a stylish and professional entertainment idea for special guests or it can have a business twist to it that delivers a subtle underlying strategic message while still captivating the imagination of the audience.

Use Full House Events to engage and enthral your special guests, fire up internal team rivalry or add the perfect finishing touch to your executive breakaway.

Poker requires many of the subtle skills that are required to succeed in the business world – reading people, selective aggression, patience, strategy, a balance between information and instinct, decisiveness without clarity, mental coordination, taking calculated risks and having a good time in the process.

Our poker experiences are ideal for:

  • Entertaining important clients in a stylish setting with all the exclusive added extras that enrich the theme.
  • As an ideal opportunity to relax after dinner at your next Management Conference, Strategic session or Sales Breakaway at the end of a hard days planning and strategising.
  • To challenge and stimulate internal team rivalry as a great way to build camaraderie at your next Team Building event.
  • Supporting a charity or social initiative by sponsoring and hosting a Charity Fundraiser Poker Experience in support of a worthy cause of your choice.